My Review : Fast & Furious 7 (For Paul Walker)

I just watched Fast and Furious 7.  I’m so lucky i can get the ticket because every movie theater near my house is full, so me, christ and Anu have to bought the last hour tickets.
Happy easter, btw.. Good friday, yes?
From Fast and Furious 1, until now… the 7th movie is out, i can’t stop admiring their driving skill.
I don’t care if it’s only on movie, or in their real life, they’re just cool!
And for 2 hours and 17 minutes, this is the longest Fast and Furious movie.
And IMDb ratings for this movie was 8,5 on only the 3rd days after released!

We all know that this movie was the tribute for Paul Walker since his appearance in this movie as Brian O’conner was amazing.
FYI, The grave Leti and Dom visit in the beginning was re-shot following Paul Walker’s death and funeral, so when they visited Letis’ grave, that’s actually Walker’s resting place, paying homage to the late co-star.
Great huh..
Body doubles, stunt doubles, and CGI were used to complete the film following Paul Walker’s death. Walker’s brothers Caleb Walker and Cody Walker were among the doubles, and also provided voice over for the character Brian O’Conner.

Before we talked about the movie, i’ve read the name of Iggi Azalea on credit tittle. But, honestly, i’m not seeing her anywhere.. is she the one who be the flag girl (or whatever the name it is) when Leti and Dom going to the race wars?
I actually can’t recognize Iggy anywhere on that movie.
Too focus on those cars.

And the scene when Brian and Dom jump over the three towers on Abu Dhabii is simply amazing if it’s done for real!
How much the cost again? You tell me 😀

And another FYI, Dwayne Johnson uses his WWE signature finisher “The Rock Bottom” in his first fight against Jason Statham.
And for the sake of Jason Statham, I really love him!
Even though I don’t really like his previous movie, but i recognize his face from the transporter. And now, he act as a crazy, psychopathic big brother who hunt the ‘team’ who hurt his little bro, is just great.
Oh should i tell you more about this movie?
Or I should wait until you guys watch it?
Wkwkwkwk.. Don’t worry.
There are not much spoiler for you guys to hate me.

This movie is reminding me of another movie.
You know a Chinese Action Movie that feature The Carpenter’s song: Close to you?
The idea of having the God’s eye, a software that can be used to identify people everywhere, anywhere at anytime is just freakin awesome, yet scary.

Oh ya, even though Han is making an appearance on this movie again, his car crush on fast and furious: tokyo drift is having a connection. And you’ll be seeing an old friend of Han. 😀
Leti’s memory is back and Brian having his second child, a girl.
There are so much goofs on this movie, because of Roman. And yes I love this guy. Tej is great.
Hmm.. another spoiler?
Ok. Watch the movie until it really finish.
There will be a short finishing touch, when Dom about to go after their reunion, and instead of saying good bye, He and Brian having the last drive for the last time, side by side, and separate on intersection.
You’re about to cry when you remember, Paul’s dead.


One last ride.. -Dominic Toretto


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