The end of April

Hey, i’m not glad i come back..

I haven’t watch Avenger. But it must be very good so people said that this movie is having a bigger success from fast and furios 7.

I’m gonna watch it soon.

For now, i really don’t know what should i write since everything is so blurry. I don’t know what to think.
Sometimes i feel so sick to even think.
Like i can’t even remember my name for God sake, and that’s hurt.

Besides my physical pain, we’ve heard about Earthquack on Nepal and Dead penalty for Drugs dealer or junkie.
I, personally, didn’t think a dead penalty is enough.
For some reason i just think that even if they’re dead, there will be more and more dealer out there. So what?
People need money, junkie need drugs..
As long as that demand is still there, what’s the use of killing one or two people..?

How about our worker (TKI) on Arab Saudi, Malay, etc… who faced dead penalty out there?
What about them?

I don’t use drugs, but i’m addicted to coffee and if coffee help be to be sane, it’s fair enough to live with that addiction.


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