My Review: The Lazarus Effect (2015)

Dear all my fellow friends out there.
Unfortunately, i lost my phone last friday, so i can’t post anything on my blog (due to double security log in that require my phone number).
Today, i’ve got a new number pack (with the same number) and also a new phone.
So.. Ya. Here we go again.

I just watched The Lazarus Effect last night with some of my friends.
We were so lucky to be the only 4 people watch that night.

4 man, an empty theater and horror movie.. What a night.

The name Lazarus is a reference to a man in the Bible whom Jesus rose from the dead. It comes from a biblical story celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches. Lazarus was a man who was resurrected by Jesus after being dead for four days. So, that’s why this movie is about bringing someone back from dead. And yeah that’s fuckin awesome if it can happen in real life.
Only mortal sworming the world.

But.. did you know that Rãs al Ghul from Batman uses a pit that produces Lazurus. He uses it to extend his life and cheat death. And an additional connection to the batman comics and The Lazarus Effect are that characters are momentarily in a state of extreme psychosis after using a Lazarus pit. In this film, those redirected become extremely disturbed and evil.

There is a factual error that maybe some of you won’t realize.
It’s during the experiments on the pig and the dog, it is stated that the Lazarus drug needs to be injected into their temporal lobes. However when they are trying to bring Zoe back the needle is in fact inserted into her frontal lobe. The temporal lobe on a human is farther back and lower.

The hell concept by Zoe about captivated in the nightmare and must watch it over and over again is something i can accept.
Since i don’t believe in hell or heaven, i never thought about it.
But what if that concept is true?
Hell is watching/living on the deepest and darkest nightmare, over and over again like a movie in a loop.
I must be really fucked then.
If that theory is true, then is it really important for people having religion?

So.. I guess that’s all i thought about Lazarus effect.
Hope there is a sequel to this movie. Not because this movie was good, but because Zoe try to bring her friends back to life.
Will there be a group of weirdo people?
Killing everyone and else..
That must be awesome right… LOL


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