P.M. to A.M.

Sometimes i think it’s ridiculous to find an attractive woman, perfect in every way, smoking in a public area.
Why in the Hell (or heaven) that they smoking?
It can make their skin wrinkle faster, drier, and well.. it’s just simply disgusting.
That’s only my opinion..

But btw, i’m still here waiting for my friend to come. It almost 12 anyway, and not a single person, literally, show me their faces. And i’m kinda sick with coffee lately, so i’m here with a cup of tea (it’s black current btw), and a waffle (and of course it makes me look like a child waiting for mommy to pick me up).
Fvck you…

I honestly, lose my appetite to write, day by day, and i just don’t know why.

I don’t have many time to talking to myself, like i used to be, and now i really messing up my mind with lot of works at office and out here.
No need to worry about my health because there is a doctor who take care of me.
I’d still sometimes drank sleeping pills, but mostly it doesn’t work anymore, so.. wake up is the best way, and i can deal with it.

Recently, i have found a study that turning lights on (when you sleep at night) can make you stress twice more than if you sleep in the dark room.

And for some of you that still don’t know what A.M and P.M means, here it is…
A.M stands for “Ante Meridiem” which is Latin for “Before Midday”, and P.M stands for “Post Meridiem” which is Latin for “After Midday.”
And remember, how important sleeping before P.M turning to A.M.
How important is the last fact anyway?


For another info that i can share tonight (before i’m going home, because i feel like shitty things, waiting for some bastards people), is..
Mentally ill people are more likely to be targeted by violence than perpetrate it, according to research.

Great huh..


Oke, see you next time. LOL (feel like i’m crazy enough to stay awake till morning)
i’ll be around!!


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