My Review: Tomorrow Land (2015)

TGIF.. is that still happening?

idk if i am really happy that today is friday (and tomorrow is saturday, of course), but does it make any sense that you can enjoy weekend although the very next day is already Monday again?

I watch Tomorrow Land after office hours, and feel a little happy because there’s another “Back to the Future” themed movie.
Even though this movie told us about another dimension, alternative dimension, where there are only selected people who can live there.

The rating is almost good, i think.
7,3 from IMDb.

I really love Hugh Laurie, or most of us know him as Dr. House. The precious House.
Oh and also Raffey Cassidy as Athena. She is a cute little girl, and i love her acting. Very smooth..

As you can see, in the beginning of this movie, A113, is presented as a visual text. Not a hidden text anymore. Obviously, we lose a little fun to find that easter egg. 😛

About the story, who doesn’t like the concept of the future? where people can free move from one place to another only in a blink of an eye?
Who doesn’t love to use jetpack as a transportation?
Who doesn’t like the idea of travelling to other planet just like you move to another state?

In this movie, Disney, once more, give us the idea..

But something is very suspicious here.
The part of the ‘recruitment’, i mean, if you have to live in the better world, why only the chosen one?
Governor Nix explain that our earth is dying; people doesn’t care anymore, over population, disaster every where, unstable government all over the world, people are losing hope, etc..
Those scientists that they recruited for making a better “Future” are the chosen one, who can have a ‘second chance’ for a better life and continuing their life somewhere else, without being interrupted by dying earth and it’s human.

This idea, again, is the idea of Illuminati, my friend..
to create a new world order.

They gather valuable people (in this movie that part is replaced with “people with imagination/dream/hope) to build that better future.

Tomorrowland, as first conceived by Walt Disney back in the 50’s and 60’s, was to showcase what the future would hold for the world. It was and still is Disney’s top draws in the theme parks.

For you geeks around the world, please enjoy this movie. Regardless of my thought about the oddity that happens in this movie. LOL
Because this is a beautiful movie about future land.. Tomorrow land..


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