Manly Random Things

Hi everyone.. i’m trying my new WordPress app from phone. As my laptop seems getting a little problem, I need another way to post something here.

It’s annoy me to remember I maybe need to buy a new laptop, since i’m too attached with my old one.

Talking about how you really attached to something, I can say it come with a pretty serious problem when you lose something really important (or not important at all). I feel it, bro.. Because sometimes I talk to my laptop like I talk to my own buddies. LOL. Say that i’m crazy, but I know i’m not the only one.. 😀 Seriously.. I just knew it. Don’t argue with me!

We’re now in the last couple days of June. And somehow I miss someone. Anyone.
No.. jk
I miss that woman.
Again, she isn’t my gf.
Just another woman in my life.
That always went missing, and idk why.
Hope she is fine. I missed talk to her about many things that happen when she isn’t around. It’s funny though when you miss someone that you hate being around. Far too close to sweetest enemy. LOL. And you just realized you never lived without her since the first time you meet each other.
She is not the kind of friend’s that always stand by whenever you need her, but something about her is so special.
(If you don’t mind,  please read my old post about her, so I don’t have to explain about her again and again).

Something happen again during this Ramadhan, right?
I guess I have to ask some friends about it first before post something here. Ok..

See ya!

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