Midnight’s tale from the Office

You know I had a problem with insomnia.. I haven’t sleep since my last post. LOL

You remember my friend, Anu, right?
He is Moslem, if you need refreshment.
(I lived with 2 buddies in this house, Anu and Christ. They’re Moslems and Christians). And you remember that we’re celebrating Ramadhan. So right now, i’m accompanying Anu eating (sahur). And he told me a story.

What could’ve be so wrong when you must overworked at the office near midnight hour? With some other people of course..
But when it comes to go home, you’ll never know what happen.

So Anu and his friends needs to work on a project. The deadline is the morning after. They only need to finish it, and then they can go home and let the boss to do the presentation to principals.

Of course they finished the project, and everything is ok. They are happy to go home now. And by now,  means 5 minutes to midnight.
Oh the office was in South Jakarta.
It’s friday night, but midnight is still midnight, where ever you are.
So, they’re preparing to go home, when one notice that someone from that team is gone missing.
Melinda is her name. The youngest one in the team.
So they must wait and search for her.
After first 5 minutes, and they found no one on that office, they start to re-counting the team. It must have 6 people. With Melinda.
So, one.. two.. three.. four.. five.. six.. but there is more..  seven.
Seven people was in the room. 7 person together, but Melinda is still missing. Re-count..
One.. two.. three.. four… five.. six..
And that’s it. But still.. no Melinda.
It start to feel creepy. So they decided to call security of the building to search with them inside the office.
When one of the call the security post on second floor (Anu’s office was in the 5th floor), there’s no one answer. Only a long beep sound. And so they call for the front security on the ground floor.
3 rings and someone pick up the phone.

“Halo.. “, said the voice over there.
It’s Melinda’s voice, so Anu take the phone from his friend to talk to her.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THERE? We’ve been searching for you!! “, said Anu.

The woman on the phone start to laughing, louder and louder. The phone is off, then all phones on Anu’s office start to ringing in the same time.

Everyone’s freaking out.
They grab their bags and headed to elevator. Right when they’re there, Melinda is walking casually from bathroom with Risma, one other girl from the team.
How it even possible that Risma is with Melinda all the time, when they’re counting there are 5 people on the team before?
The ringing from the office is went off. But then all the lights off.
They start to scream together. When the two girl’s scream start to heard like a laugh. They are freaking out. Goosebumps.
It only last less than a minute. Then the light is on. The elevator’s door is open and they rush to go home.


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