Happiness in the end of June

It’s Monday already? Wow..
Last night I think it still Saturday night.. LOL

And i’m wrong.. 😀
Didn’t expect to find my self on the last couple  days of June 2015.

Actually I already am in the office. Though i’m still sleepy, but work is work.. I don’t like to work, but working is my life.
I know it’s sounds awful.. but, if you don’t do anything about your life, it’ll remain sucks.. forever.
Now I know something about life.
I remember someone told me..
Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.”
And for that, happiness is more important than anything else.

Have you ever feel empty when you are boring at home on weekend and you try to go somewhere else like mall or club to spend some hours with someone else… just like at the office?
That’s the feel of boredom.. And it could kill someone.
Yes.. killing someone..


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