Love yourself for being the way you are

Having wordpress on phone is much better for me.
It’s easier to post. LOL
I can post any time, any where I like..
So.. ya.. maybe i’ll post more. 

Tonight,  i want to speak for myself.

Yes, I had a girl friend. (Notice the little space between girl and friend? It means she just a friend of mine). 😀
And yes, she has a bf.
Of course she love him very much, but remain the same is as hard as breathing under water without scuba props. LOL

She told me about this earlier when we were at the office.
Well.. she told me a lot.
Her bf is very nice indeed. Perfect in every way.  And she couldn’t ask for more. But somehow, something bothering her. Her bf ask her why is she change a lot since she was worked in this office (she just moved to this office like 6 months ago). He is thinking that maybe she was cheat on him, but she is not. She is professional, I can say. She just adapting to this office routines. And it works well. Nothing’s wrong with her, or with us as her colleagues.

Change is nature way to adapting to life.
(As a person with bipolar, I noticed myself always changing.. 😀 all the time, and that’s ok.. I know)

You know there’s a time when someone has to change?
You can’t be the same for ever.
You need to change. Adapting. Make a better you for every possible scenarios in life.
Your partner might find you a little bit different from now and then, but it’s reasonable. And of course acceptable. you like it or not.
That’s why you are a human.. you change.  You adapting to where you are.  Do not fear to change… just be your self and change the way you have too.

Some people grow old together.. some people are not.

If one can not accept you for being the way you are, than you have to change. Either you or that person. Change to make your relation stronger or… leave them to be yourself, for the sake of sanity.
Don’t push your self to become someone who you are not mean to be.
Don’t lie to yourself.

If she/he can’t accept you… then let go.. be free to be you.
It’s hard.. but it must be done.
You’ll never know when, so you can’t preparing yourself for it, but sooner or later, everyone will face it for one pace in their life.
Everyone will know that feeling. 

You can change yourself to be with them.. or change yourself to be better you..
It’s your own choice, girl..
That’s my answer.

If he ask you to stay the same.. ask him… will you change for me?
If he answer no,  leave it…
Don’t look back.

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