Some Weird Dreams

Hey everyone..
Still in the middle of Ramadhan, i’m right now, accompanying Anu sahur. (What’s the English word for sahur anyway?)

Me and Christ always do this, every single year we’ve spend together as a house-mate. Ramadhan means there will be always delicious foods and everyone seems to be more kind to each other. Well, that’s what I, as a non-Moslems, can say.

But I’m not gonna talk about Ramadhan or what so ever.
I wanna talk about me having a weird dream. And that dream kept coming, now almost every night.

I mostly sleep in the middle of the night. Like 12 pm to 1-3 am in the morning. And will wake up at 5 or 6 am later. Sometimes i can’t even sleep. As a person with bipolar, that’s a habit. And it’s normal.

Honestly I don’t even know where this weird dream is begin.
But, I can tell that we all had a time when out mind wandering around, creating many scenarios that maybe will never happen to us. You know, like married to a super hot woman, being a billionaire, having equipment like a superheroes, etc..
But there’s another time when we just thinking about ‘normal-life’ like walking around the mall with some friends or eating your favorite burgers first time in the morning or something normal like imagining watch the tv in your bedroom, before sleeping.

I was think like that last night before sleeping. Idk where is the dreaming part started, but I was think about watching final soccer copa America in the morning. Chille vs Argentina. (Now i’m watching that match).

I was on my bed, watching tv. And suddenly there’s a soccer match on it and I watch it. The light is on.
But there’s something weird with my tv. The screen is blurring.
And suddenly there’s an urge to wake up from my bed, maybe to repair the tv. But then when i’m wake up, I then realize that I wasn’t watching tv. It’s not even turned on. The light is off and I was nearly fell when I wake up because my feet are tangled with my own blanket. I didn’t use blanket in my dream.
And it gave me chills on my nerve each time it happens.

I told Anu and Christ about those weird dream that keep coming to me.
And they said I should consult to my doctor…
Well.. what do you think?


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