My Review : Ant-Mant (2015)

Well hi..
As i just watch Ant-Man last night, i want to share my review here to you guys. I really work on this very detailed fact that i also impressed by myself. That’s funny because, I wrote down all important things on this movie while watching it. LOL 😀 😀

First time, honestly, I did think of Ant-man as an ‘under dog’ Marvel char, but.. i’m happy to know that i’ve laughed trough the movies.
But, did you know that in the comics, Hank Pym created Ultron. This movie is the next Marvel movie released after Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)..
Oh ya sure you won’t know. LOL (read the comic please…)

Watch this movie carefully and you’ll find several plot holes.

  1. Like when Dr. Pym slams the employees’ face into the table, making his nose bleed from both nostrils. He holds a hankie to it and in the next few cuts there’s no blood at all from that major face trauma. In a final cut there’s a tiny amount of blood again.
  2. When Scott wakes up in Hank’s home, we can clearly see the floor to the (viewer’s) right of the bed. It is clear throughout the scene. Then when the angle changes as Scott prepares to get out of the bed, it is suddenly completely covered by ants.
  3. After his daughter’s birthday party, Scott is in his van. The camera slowly moves to make a close-up of Scott, but we see the reflexion of the red light of the camera and a face (cameraman or assistant maybe) in the mirror of the van.

Hank Pym says the flying ant carrying Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) after his prison break, later named Ant-thony by Scott, is number 247. Scott Lang, in the comics, is the 2nd person to be Ant-Man and his first appearance as Ant-Man was in Marvel Premiere #47. So, it does make sense.. 247
Like a code name. A cool code name.

Ant-Man and Yellowjacket. Surprisingly, for whom (once again), who didn’t read the comic, i should tell you that Yellowjacket in this film is a combination of Yellowjacket (a mentally unstable alter ego of Pym), Darren Cross (a villainous businessman and enemy of Scott Lang), Eric O’Grady (an amoral and selfish person with Pym tech who also was the third Ant-Man) and Ultron (a deranged robot created by Pym). In the comics, Yellowjacket was one of Hank Pym’s alternate personalities.
Originally the film was meant to focus on the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. However, the filmmakers deemed Pym as having a too family-unfriendly history (Pym developed several split personalities, one of whom abused his girlfriend Janet) and instead decided to focus on Pym’s successor Scott Lang, with Pym becoming a mentor and supporting character.

When Luis is posing as a guard, he whistles “It’s a Small World”. Not only is Ant-Man small, which makes the song appropriate, but the song is originally from a ride at Disneyland, which, like Marvel Studios, is owned by The Walt Disney Company.
Also in the first “tip montage”, Luis (Michael Peña) mentions he doesn’t like red wine. In the second montage at the art gallery, he is holding a glass of white wine.
Of course i love the trio… Luis, Dave and Kurt. They’re funny.

I was happy to see Falcon once again in this movie. And yes.. the Avanger’s base, and wait.. i want to see Black Widow… but.. ya you know.. we only got the feather.. not the flutter.. 😀

I gotta say that i love the story that in the end Scott Lang can be with his daughter once again. And how lovely that the daughter always put faith on his father.
There was this fight when Ant-man and Yellowjacket had a fight on Maggie Lang’s house that night. There are so many goofy scenes that show how is the fight between Antman and Yellowjacket when it zoomed out from the scene. That’s funny!
And the Thomas.. that’s great. LOL
Ah.. and all name on Lang’s family has double letter; scoTT, maGGie and caSSie. You’re welcome.. 😀
Let’s don’t forget Cassie’s pet in the end of the movie. The ant that is enlarged and becomes Cassie’s pet is referred to as a boy. However it appears to be a worker ant, not a typically larger male drone, and is likely a female like all worker ants.

One thing about Marvel movie, is that Stan Lee will show him self as a cameo somewhere on it. On this movie, Stan Lee makes a cameo in the movie as the bartender who says a woman looks “stupid fine.” Yeah, near the ending.. but, you know.. that’s fun! Because it’s Stan Lee..

The old Wasp suit is the Ant-Man suit in a gold color. (I nearly cried when watching Pym’s wife shrink – and assumed dead). The new Wasp suit is based on her outfits from the comics “Avengers Forever” (a black suit with a gold midriff) and “Secret Avengers” (a pointed helmet with yellow goggles).
And you know Cassie really adore his father right? Cassie Lang is delighted at her father’s superhero career, even adopting an ant as a pet. In the comics Scott’s daughter Cassie eventually dons the Ant-Man costume herself to become the heroine Ant-Girl (later Stature).

Why is Pym so cool? Remember when he got shoot by Cross? Hope and Pym needs to get out from the building? The Tank on Pym’s keychain is a real tank!! The army tank keychain Hank Pym carries has number 153 on it, the same number seen on the tank in the surveillance footage of Ant-Man fighting guards near the beginning of the movie. I must have one of it. Really.

Ant-Man is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to feature a reference to Spider-Man, who was recently obtained by Marvel Studios. In Luis’ flashback with his cousin near the end of the film, the “fine chick” says that there is “a guy that can jump, a guy that can swing, and a guy that can climb on walls.” The “wall crawler” is of course our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Oh the next one is very important. VERY IMPORTANT…

For you who don’t want to miss the Easter Egg on this movie, I’ve got to tell you that this movie has TWO END CREDIT SCENES, keeping in sync with some previous Marvel Cinematic films (e.g. The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, & Captain America: The Winter Soldier) 1 Mid Credit and 1 Post Credit.
The first shows Dr. Pym giving Hope the Wasp suit, and explains that it is a prototype that he and her mother, the original Wasp, worked on.
The second shows Captain America and The Falcon finding The Winter Soldier held up in an undisclosed location. Falcon asks if he should call Iron Man, to which Captain America dismisses (alluding to Captain America: Civil War). The Falcon then says he “knows a guy”, implying Ant-Man (Scott Lang).


“Ant-Man will return”


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