I need my Vacation

I’ve watched Fantastic Four and also Mission Impossible : The Rough Nation. But i think i’m not gonna write a review about those movies right now.
Not in the mood.
And, i haven’t write for a couple weeks (or months) i guess, because.. i’m not in the mood.
I really need to escape from reality right now.
Or, you’ll find me dead by the morning.

Everybody has a problem, whether they like it or not.
I do like a problem, it makes me feel alive, but sometimes i need a time out. Really need a time out.
Like now.. I really need a vacation.

People working for someone and/or a company that they trust, they believe and paid them good.
I do. I was worked for and with some people (only view of them that i really knew well) for almost 6 or 7 years straight.
I never complain, nor risking my job with unecessary movement, as long as they trust me to do the job.
As long as I feel free to do what i need to do, i’ll make sure everything was good.
They trust me, and i’ll give them the very best.

Like when they ask me to teach a bunch of teenagers, i do it very well until they bring me in again.
And that’s funny for a person with bipolar like me, i do almost everything (field job, office work, etc) and this makes me feel comfortable enough to stay with those bunch of jerks.
Comfort is an important thing we need.
Trust is another issue.

I think I’m happy as I am by day, and get frustated by night.
It’s a normal cycle of a bipolar person. I can’t sleep at night, depressed, but feeling almost 1000% at work.
Or sometimes it happen the other way around.

The point is, even though you like your job very (very much), you need to cooling down.
You need to rest sometimes (because being a work-a-holic is such a waste).
You must realize that sometimes you need time for yourself.


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