A Note of a Note

We’re very close to the end of September. It’s nice to know that i can recover my memory and everything went well..

I knew that i’ve missed so many post on WordPress. Also, i’ve missed so much great movie. But, the fact that i’m alive right now, it really does matter for me.

Well, i’m on my way to watch some movies, like.. hotel Transylvania 2. Perhaps it’ll make my life easier. LOL. You know life is hard, if it was so easy, there must be something wrong with it. As someone has said it to me, that i should never ask for forgiveness, but have to pay for it.. pay the price.. and even guilt can fade away in the darkness.

Talking about pay the price, I really need to equip my room with some kind of electrical cloak. Those mosquitoes are killing me!!
It is like a very bad summer with blood suckers everywhere, and my blood drained very quick each day.
When I finally catches one, the others will come and singing, “let me sing the song of my people” around my head and give me not only an itchy skin, but also headache and depression.
(So far, i’ve killed three without moving my ass from the couch. And it’s a big deal..)

Last night I only sleep for 2 hours before getting ready for another working-day, and just right now, i can lay on couch. But still, feel uneasy, nor sleepy. I think i’m on my manic phase of bipolar. It could killing me anytime now.
LOL (what should I do, btw?)
I could use some time for rest, but…

I’m trying very hard to keep my sleeping-hour back to normal. Scheduling it isn’t really helping.
Each time someone ask me how should I’m living my life, i tried to make them noted that i do really tried my best. It just doesn’t seems to work.
And normal life isn’t a normal kinda stuff that i can enjoy anytime I want.
Wow.. life never feels so good. Thanks God for reminds me everyday..



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