October Now!

I would like to welcoming you guys on October!
We should waking up Green Day. LOL
Maybe you already know that Billie Joe Armstrong clarified that the song, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, was written as a memorial for his late father that died because of cancer on September 10th 1982, when Armstrong was only 10 years old.
“Wake Me Up When September Ends” sold over than 1.652.000 copy on May 2010 and became their second highest single sales in the US of the album American Idiot just behind the single multi-platinum song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.
Those songs are cool right?!

October, somehow reminds me of octopus. But why is October is the 10th month of the year but “octa” was 8.
Anyone can tell me the reason?

Well, this is an answer from Yahoo! Answer page that i found when i’m googling. 😀

The year used to begin in March, so the months would be:

1) March
2) April
3) May
4) June
5) July
6) August
7) September
8) October
9) November
10) December
11) January
12) February

However, with the advent of the Gregorian calendar, January 1st was marked as the new year, while the names for the months remained.


Note, that the names for most of the months aren’t the original Roman designations. January is named after the god Janus, February is named after a festival called Februum, March was named after the god Mars, April’s name is of an unknown origin, May is named after the greek goddess Maia, June is named after the goddess Juno, July was renamed to honor Julius Caesar (it was his birth month) and August was renamed to honor Caesar Augustus

That makes sense because on zodiac, March was the last zodiac and all those zodiac was begin with Aries.
Idk if that’s really important, but well, at least it gave me a proper answer that i need.

Another reason for it was because of egomaniacs Julivs Caesar and Emperor Augustus decided that they wanted to add months named after themselves, thus creating July and August. Prior to that, September was the seventh month.. (You can check about it here..)
Because there’re so many calendar that have been used before we use modern calendar like now, just don’t get confused! LOL

Ok, that’s it from now..
Really appreciate comment and like though. 😀
See ya!


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