Fresh Mint soap

Just a couple minutes ago I meet Anu in the living room, join me and Christ watching movie.
Noticed that he walk in ‘funny-way’, I asked him why.

Anu scratch his butt uneasy.

Then he explaining what is happening to him.

“Who’s changing the liquid soap in the bathroom?” Said Anu.
Christ and I looked at each other because we’re not sure what is the problem.
“Who’s changing the liquid soap on front bathroom with mint-soap?” Anu repeated the question.

Well, that’s me, honestly.. but i’ve no idea what exactly Anu means until I notice he scratched his butt all over again.

“Why…?” Christ finally curious with Anu’s question.

“Of course I was rinse my butt with that soap without no idea that it was a mint-soap. And now my butt is as fresh as mint leaf and it kinda hurt in the ass” said Anu…

Christ and I laughed…
We’re dying now.. LOL


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