I was thinking about my mood swing lately. But, i’m gonna talk about it later..

I wanna talk about Multilingual People.
I think i was the part of 13% world population who can speak more than 2-3 languages fluently.
(Read more about this here…)

My parents taught me Indonesian and English as a set of primer languages that i need to know. Japanese is my third language. And right now i think i already comfortable with France, Germany, and some other languages.
It’s all because i need to learn, whether i like it or not.
Language is useful. Basically you use it anytime, anywhere, with anyone.
I did learn some of sign language too. LOL I just can’t read braille. Even tough sometimes i get really curious with it whenever i found one on elevator or any mall who use it on their public service.

(You really need to stay away from coffee when you on manic phase of bipolar, or you be dead)

I, once, write my blog in Indonesian. But, think of which language makes me more comfortable when i write something, i use to do it in English.
It’s more universal, so people around the world can read my blog. And please, complain to me about my grammar. I know my English is not really good because this is what i use everyday. I never learn by the book. Just let it flow in everyday conversation like it should be.

Writing for me is like a salvation. A liberation from depression.
For a person with Bipolar, writing should be on prescription. LOL

It almost midnight now, and tomorrow is another lovely Monday.
I should be sleeping by now.
And instead, i still sitting in my working desk, doing nothing but talking through my fingers.

I cry.. i cried a lot. Mostly when i don’t know what happen with me. But, it seems makes sense when i’m doing it.

I don’t even know why i write it in the first place.
and this blog post is now too absurd to be continue.


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