Halloween Party (or not a party)

I’ve heard about bomb on Mall @Alam Sutera.
And for me, the reason for that bomb is pretty ridiculous.

Let’s not talk about it..
The man who do that is nothing more than a stupid asshole who think he can get money from a little piece of firecracker.
And for that reason too, he is risking to hurt innocent people.

It almost halloween and i’ve got several invitations to halloween party.
I’m thinking to attend at least one party, but thinking of my costume (i don’t have cool costume), it will be lame.
I don’t want to come as mr. vampire or zombie or mummy.. i don’t like the idea of having a fang, or wound on my pretty face or put bandage all over my face.
But, i don’t have any idea other than that.
So my other option is not to come at all. LOL
Sorry, but i’m don’t feel sorry.

What about you guys?
Can you share your Halloween costume with me? Sexy, bitchy, naughty or slut… i would like to see the costume. LOL
Idk about Indonesian Halloween party, but i would love to attend a party on my friend’s house on Aussy last year.
All the pretty girl, and nice view of butt and boobies. LOL

Oh God, i’m sorry.
Am I really write it all?



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