Fun Casting

A little cloudy today, after raining yesterday (finally)..

I just heard from my hommie 2 days ago, that there will be a “fun casting” day, not far from our place.
Today, i saw a bunch of “Anak Alay” (not sure how to explain to you about these words, but ya.. try to keep up with my story), gather around the place that Anu means.
When i drive through that place, i saw the banner of “Fun Casting” and think, “Yeah that’ll be great to see some pretty girl”
But there are a group of people who stand near that place too, bring their fishing equipment and using 100% different outfit from a bunch of “anak alay” just a 100 m away from them.

I take a close look to the banner again before i realize something.

I thought those “anak alay” had mistaken fun casting with movie casting.. because that banner is not for that kind of casting.
But fishing – casting.. LOL

I laugh and can’t stop until i arrived at the office.

Let me explain it:

Fun Casting 

Casting if you translate that word to Bahasa Indonesia, you’ll get some different meaning of it.


casting, foundry, founding, moulding
pouring, casting, foundry
throw, pitch, toss, shot, casting, cast
pemilihan pemain-pemain

That’s it..
there are different meaning of casting.

Well… that’s why i laugh..
Anak alay who join that fun casting, must be thought that casting means “pemilihan peran” or some casting from a production house or else, idk.
and those who join with their fishing equipment and funny-looking cap, is right for understanding casting as throwing a fishing rod.

English as a language, never stop amuse me.. LOL

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