Manic Episode

I’ve been worried about my insomnia lately.. I’d tried to sleep, but it kills me whenever I tried.
The urge to think and do something is just crazy!
I can’t stop my self.

I do realizes that i’ve been on manic episode of my bipolar more often than the opposite. I’d noticed my notebook become really full from more than seven days ago.
I do realizes that i need more sleep.
I just can’t.
And that’s killing me.

I swear to myself, that i won’t take any medicine to get sleep.
The concept of dying on my sleep is far from my mind. I want some heroic dying, like if I can sacrifice myself to help someone else.
Sleeping and never wake up is one of hilarious scenario and wish I won’t have that kind of dead.

Now I feel like I am a child who get sugar rush in the middle of the night.
Well.. for someone who ever feel a sugar rush, I can tell that you know my feeling right now. “Tired, but nah… sleep is for the weak!”
Like your body can do run for miles and you like “I’m good” mode and dead in a blink of an eye.
Bad.. not bad. You gotta feel before say anything.

I’m tired and sick trying to close my eyes.. I’m too tired to wake up and do anything around the house. Besides, everyone is sleeping right now, and this house is kinda creepy. I love my room.. my room is good.
With everyone on their own room, I nearly forgot that tomorrow is Sunday..
Now I’m really afraid to sleep. I’m not ready to meet Monday morning..


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