What if this is a love story : another email

Remember my post last year “what-if-this-is-a-love-story” ?
My friend who emailed me, and promised me to continue her email, sent me another email, last night.
After a year, she contacted me again. And first of all, i’m glad she is good.

This time, she send a short mail before she continue her story with his secret-boy in another email (idk who is he, but he seems not from our world). Funny though she said, everything went well. They run away.
Not a very surprise but their story will make a good love story.

Dear my beloved friend S8,

You remember I told you last time that he forced me to followed him to the car? And I can’t say no?

I stayed at his apartment that night. I cried on his arm. We spend our night in silent and not saying anything until morning.
That morning after we meet again, we’re supposed to go to office, working (something i really wanna skip on that day).
He said we should act as normal as we can after we meet.
Because he doesn’t wanna make any changes in my life.
He said, i’ll be on danger if anyone know that we’re back together.

I didn’t ask the reason.

We go to office in different car. He sent his driver to deliver me to office and without saying anything more, he kissed me on my lips, my forehead and leave the apartment.

That morning, i’ve recieved a text from unknown number said, “i’ll be seeing you again.”

My heart was broken. I thought he’s gone again.
I forced my self to not reply that text.

My collagues ask me where did i go last night? Why my phone can’t be reached? and many other questions and i left all those without answers. I feel dizzy and lazy. Uneasy. Knowing that he might gone. Again.

At lunch time, i was at the lobby when I’m looking for his face all over the place. But, of course, he wasn’t around. And once again, my heart hurts like hell. But, all of sudden, I recieved another text, from another unknown number. “Please smile, I can see you from here…”
I look around, but once again, I can’t find him.
But it’s ok. I feel better.

One of my male co-workers, poke my nose, and tried to cheer me up. He ask me to have lunch together. I go.

Another text, another number. It said, “I though you want to be with me?”

I smiled. I knew he always very-protective with what he owns. And in this case, it’s me. I once belong to him. I don’t know for now, but his text give me a clue. Then I recieved another text. “I have an idea. This time we could run together.”

Later, that night, i meet him again. This time, he drive his own car. We talk about everything, about how much he loves me back when we’re at Akita and he tell me the reason why he was gone 3 years ago. His family is covering some deep sh*t and of course he is one of their important family successor. Bad thing happen when his family knows that he was falling in love with me, 外人, outsider. Someone that his family can not approve. He must leave me if that could guarantee my safety.
He was sent abroad.
First, Ghent, then Québec, and ended up in Jakarta.
He lived in Indonesia since 4 months ago. And we was lucky enough to once again meet and still have the same feeling.

He can’t forget me, like i can’t forget him.
We both admitting that we have seen someone else, but agreed it can’t be happen.

He asked me if i want to runaway with him…?


Of course.





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