Good morning… Happy new year 2016.. (ik i’m very late.. but ya.. I have no time since I work almost everyday since last year)

Though still in bed, i creeped out myself for looking into the mirror on my wardrobe. God dammit..
I never thought I’m gonna wake up late and feel kinda horror with my own look. Gotta need shower first thing in the morning. LOL

I really think I should just take a day off. Since my head is spinning around and I think my presence is awful.. who said man doesn’t care with what they look like? At least I do.. and will always do. Because being single is more like a curse. You hang out with woman, everyone said you get friendzoned. You hang out with man, they thought you’re gay. And if you hang out alone, spending time with yourself, people gotta think you’re desperate or Indonesian people said “jones” or “jomblo ngenes”, casually means someone who has no one else to hang out, and desperately needs help. Wkwkwk..

Honestly, I start to write this blog post at 9 am. Time flies.. And here I am continuing this post at 10.37 pm. Awesome right?

“new year, new me” bullshit is not happening in my house. No matter what, me, Christ and Anu will stay the same.
And that’s fine because we’re already awesome. Nothing’s need to be changed. And that’s it.. that’s all.

From sleep to sleep again.. I’ll start my 4 days vacation.
See ya!


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