Curiosity can Kill a Cat

I ever look at a girl’s eyes and wonder what she thought about me. She looked calm but I can hear her heart beating like a storm coming. I’m not intended to make she fall in love with me, I just curious..

But curiosity can kill a man..

I know it.

Knowing that someone give more attention and affection to you is both a gift and a curse. You know you like it. But the other hand you just can’t give your heart to him/her. Continue and you kill him/her slowly, stop and you lose your amusement. It’s hard. It’s between you and that person.

I do enjoy that kind of feeling from woman’s around me. As a man, it’s tottaly a lie if I said the other way. Who said men doesn’t care with other people’s attention? Some maybe. But not me.

I’m kind of person who always lost in time. I rarely has time for myself. And when people care about me, that’s another bonus round. Especially from woman. I like it a lot. LOL

I had a trust issue because I had bipolar. It affect me to make relationships with the opposite sex. Man, obviously no problem. But with woman, when it comes to love, it’s hard to make they’re understand with myself. Woman always want to be understood. They demand to be special all the time. I hate that kind of woman, because they don’t know that they’re not that special.

Before some people think i hate woman, I should stop this here.
You know i’m a lover. Wkwkwk..

#MakeLoveNotWar 😛


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