Midnight Emergency

I know now I rarely had a chance to post a blog here. I apologize for that.
It’s hard to explain but, nothing’s really matter. I just had no time for myself lately. I presume you know why.

(Wait, i’m hungry….) I learn some basic cooking skill from a friend of mine here. She is pretty and really know how to make this tummy happy. Plus, now at least I can cook my own meal. LOL
I won’t die starving anymore.
PS: she own her own café.

Talking about women, I meet someone (here) that looked like an old best friend. It’s been a hard time to recall her name but I made it.
But let’s not mention her name. She likes to keep her life as private as an area 51. I rather lucky to know her before she changed her self into a monster. LOL

I think now you either curious with where am I, or who is the women that i mention.. right?

Like I said earlier, my life is way too complicated. And I won’t try to make it the other way. Because this is who I am. And I can only live this way. Don’t judge me. But let’s blame the world.
Both me and that woman is the part of some extraordinary world that we lived together.

That woman and I both moved more than 11 times before settled down. Unfortunately we only had a chance  2-3 times to meet, but I think it’s enough to know her.
She is very opened to everyone. But that’s her secret. The more you ask her a question, the more you feel lost. Ask her anything, she will give you the exact answer… the way you want to hear. That’s the problem.
She was a great partner when it comes to business. I can guarantee it.

The thing that recall my memory about her was her way to greet someone. With just a simple smile, that calmed you down. This woman that i meet here has the same smile, but she has no dimple like my friend.

I always appreciate an independent woman like my old friend.
Whenever and however life tried to beat her up, she changed her shape and find some way to escaped from real life to her “own reality.”
Awesome huh?

Alright. My stomach is full.
Now i can sleep in peace.
Enough story for a night. Sleep tight!


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