Hectic Night

Good morning (it still 9 am though).

I was up till 2 an. Doing nothing. Mostly scroll through 9gag and Twitter. Not in the mood to write anything. But I should, shouldn’t I? My prescription to be sane.
(I know you’ll laugh reading that last sentence).

Right now I’m walking past a lake (to enjoy my weekend) and suddenly I wondering about life. Like hell I know about the mystery of life.

Just a minute ago I feel the urge to back to home thinking I forget my phone. But damn my brain, my phone is on my hand. And I looked like an idiot.
Now i’m laughing out loud on my head. But still stoic. Like a murderer.. or a psychopath. Cute expression, right?

So this post is all about a hectic night that i had last night. LOL

Now i feel crazy. My morning is more awfull than my night. I hate talking to people if I was not forced to do it.
I hate people.
Who r not?
Even I hate myself.
Yeah you know.
I know.


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