Sleepy Hype

Mylife is brilliant…
Awesome is such a way that i don’t really wanna know. It’s not even like a day and a night. It’s more than that.
By the way.. I went to the toys fair today. And not having a good time. It’s been difficult to find a place to sit down. I’m too tired to walk with an empty stomach. I’m dying. LOL

Because today is Sunday (and tomorrow is monday), fyi, I’m already on my bed.
Under my blanket. And try to close my eyes. But I can’t.
That’s the main reason why I post a blog. (Now you know)

I know I am too late for this kind of post. But whatever. You think I care about some one else’s opinion?
I really hate the fact that we had an extra Monday this year.
I’m excited to be on a leap year, but having an extra Monday is just too much. I don’t think it’s great anymore.
But another fact about Leo having his first Oscar also important for this year. LOL. If you’re on 9gag, you will understand the joke. Oh.. I cried a little when he made his speech.
Revenant is a great movie btw.. But I can’t write any review lately because one thing and another.
Ah.. And one more thing. Solar eclipse will happen on March 9th, this year.
I’m so excited to watch it with my own eyes. And well this eclipse also a birthday selebration for an old friend. Where ever she is. I hope she is in a good shape. One piece. And will be better if she already found her self.

Almost Monday and I can’t even put down my phone. Funny thing I learn from my illness that whenever I tried to do something, my mind will be very scumbag and do the other way.
I’m fvcking tired right now, and feel like I can run on football field 5 Times around.. And of course, I tried to sleep, but whenever I tried to close my eyes, more and more ideas came up like a flickering fire on a fire camp. I’m sucks.. Like I want to paint something, on a paper, with a colorful pallet, with eyes closed. So smart.
But I know it won’t happen because I can’t find my sketch book since last Monday. Yes… Monday. You hear that right.

For anything that will happen tomorrow, I really wish you a good luck so you can enjoy holiday on mid week. (It’s on Wednesday)..


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