Can’t Blame my Mind

It’s already 1 AM
And I still can’t sleep.

But, do you know that someone who had a problem sleeping at night,  have a higher IQ than an average person?

In some case, a person with bipolar is not just had a higher IQ, but also have more powerful imagination.
Like me.. (I can imagine a naked woman all day long) LOL

Well, because I still can’t close my eyes (as if that never happen to me), I open my blog, write something, and have a conclusion,  that i really can’t write.
It’s just a bunch of crap. And I mean it.

I haven’t touch coffee yesterday, and yet, I still wide a wake.
Oh my God..

My post is getting lame lately ya?
It’s only because i’ve got nothing to write. Damn.
Maybe tomorrow..

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