Horror Selfie

Last saturday, i worked overtime with a friend of mine.
We’re not supposed to work on Saturday, but we’ve a couple of problems so we think it’s fine to work at weekend. (We hate it of course).

We’re ready to go back from the office, when suddenly i feel cold on my neck. It almost 11 pm.
My friend, she hold 2 paper bags on her left hand, and her phone on her right hand. Meanwhile I already busy with a box and office key.
She took a selfie a couple times while waiting for me to lock the office. I can hear she laughing, and she asked me, “should us take a pic together? Just to celebrate everything went well after all.”
Before I can answer her question, I heard the sound of lift that already on our floor. *Ding*
I rushed to pull out the key from the door office and almost yelled, “we can do it later,the lift is already on our floor.”
So we ran.
We ran pass the hall way from the office to the elevator.
Her phone is still on selfie cam mode, idk how much pic that might accidentally took off when both of us run to the elevator.
When we already on the elevator, she then said to me, “let’s take a wefie” and we do it.
When she looked for the pic we just took, her face look very shocked.
Not because of the wefie pic we just took,  but another pic that accidentally tooked when we ran to the elevator.
She handed the phone to me.
As I looked to the screen, I almost throw the phone away.

There is a pic of the hall way behind my friend and I. The next pic shown something like a black shadow. Chases us. There are total 4 pics.
And on the last pic, there is a blury dark face on her hips height.

My friend is sick till today.
Idk what happens to her but i’m afraid too.


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