Young and Naive


Just had a time to write a post.

So.. I went to a house of my friend and I heard something pretty funny.

He lived in a house with a big garden. So we had a little chit chat this morning. Talking sh*t of what happen since the last time we meet.
It was fun until I heard a bunch of kiddo passing by a street behind the garden.
From their voices I can tell they are about 5-7 years old. Or less. Idk.
They were talking about carsickness. You know, that time when you feel like you wanna vomit when you on a car or any land vehicles.
One child said, “Masa aku mabok waktu naik taksi kemarin..”
And the other child said, “Aku juga sama. Kalau naik angkot mabok…”
As if it wasn’t funny enough, you need to know that they had a very serious talk about it. With a very serious tone.
Me and my friend can’t hold any longer and burst the biggest laugh, ever.

“Aku malah lebih parah. Kemarin pulang dari Bekasi, naik motor, muntah sampe 2 kali,” said another boy.
And still, with a serious voice tone.

Carsick is very cheesy and they are very young and naive.
They are so proud of their achievement travelling with a car and/or motorcycle.

Well, that conversation, really make my day. God bless them all.. LOL


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