My Review: Batman v Superman (2016)

Writing is some kind of drugs for me. Even though I only read most of the time, but what I like the most is writing. I’ve not posted a long entry since the beginning of 2016. Idk why. But it might be because I used WordPress app on my phone. It was a new thing for me but I kinda like it though. I can post a blog entry, and still look cool (like I’m texting someone else). Busy with an imaginary gf. LOL

I’m now watching the incredible hulk. And honestly, I don’t like it.
I prefer hulk on avengers because it was way cooler than on it’s own movie. It’s boring in every way. Just my opinion. 😛

Ok… boring.

Fyi, I continue writing this post almost 4 hours after I started. So… it’s kinda weird, but just read my blog.. because you’re already here anyway.

I just watch Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. I know i’m very late. LOL. And I feel bad for watching because that film is such a boring.
I watch it only to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.
Well, Jesse is way cooler to be Joker rather than Lex, I guess.. but no one can replace Heath Ledger.

I hate to say that the moment when Batman knows that Superman’s mother also named Martha and they became some kind of BFF, is cute, but ugly as hell.
The plot is too easy to guess.
And Wonder Woman’s part on that movie is way too cheesy.
Lex should be the main char.

No wonder the rating for this movie only 7,4 on IMDb.
You know.. it’s hard to join in the game when you have Avengers as your rival. 😀

Well.. the rest you can see when you watch the movie. But for me, it’s not good. Not really bad.
Just average.
Damn you Batman…


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