I can’t Sleep

I can really be like this for some nights. And of course it’s pretty normal for a person with bipolar. I can really get use to it. 100% sure.
I just think, sometimes, when it last at least a couple days, how could this happen to me?
I don’t feel tired at all. And it’s pretty annoying for only thinking about that.

If I just had a canvas and painting equipment, maybe I can draw a masterpiece tonight. But I just need some sleep. Even though I can’t. Simple can’t.
And I hate it.

And I love it also.

Well.. it’s complicated.

Yeah. My relationship with my bed is way more complicated. It’s all because of bipolar. I don’t hate it, but I think I don’t really need it somehow.

Day and night will be all the same for me. I’ve tried some sleeping pill but I don’t find it helpfull. And so my friends are worried if I get addicted, they asked me to never use it.
And for that reason too, sometimes they accompanied me at night only to make sure I won’t do anything stupid.

I’ve tried many other ways.
Some people said having a hot shower will help you to get relaxed before sleep at night. It won’t help.

It’s more like I had a switch button, and it only had on and on..
And it’ll on until the lamp broke by itself due to heat or cheap price. Wkwkwkwk..
I am cheap. 😀

I am now walking to the courtyard. Maybe playing basket ball will help.



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