I was unconscious for a month (kidding)

I am very sorry that I haven’t write anything lately.
It’s been a hectic month, and i really don’t have a time for myself. Mostly because I’ve been busy at work and I hate to say that I’m drowned. I forgot how to breath (sometimes) and feel really sick for unconsciously holding my breath.
I recently discovered my ability to hold my breath for a long time when I realize one time that I lose focus on my laptop screen and need to take a while before i can inhale O2. My chest hurt like hell.

Oh.. and I want to say good luck for my Moslem’s friend out there, where ever you are, who are fasting in Ramadhan.
Semoga lancar puasanya…!

There’re some movies i really want to watch on June.
Now You See Me 2, Conjuring 2, Warcraft, ..
I miss a lot of good movies.

Ok, i gotta get back to work. It almost saturday.
I can survive.


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