My Review : The Conjuring 2 (2016)

3 years after their first movie, The Conjuring 2 is now in hot list for this month movie list.
Ed and Lorraine Warren is back in action and now facing a demon far from their home.
After they’re stoping their investigation on Amityville, they’ve got contacted by the Church to be witnesses for there is a report on London where Hodgson Family, a single mother and her four children who lives in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga still playing as Ed and Lorraine Warren and they are cool as hell.

But on this movie, my eyes locked only to Madison Wolfe who played as Janet Hodgson. She is doing incredible job portraying every mimic of the old Bill. For every voices, every dark look of her face, in a state of trance, depression, etc. She is very young yet look very professional on that set.
Her act giving me a chill for almost 2 hours watching The Conjuring 2.

It was so fvckin scary and on the first day of shooting, a priest was brought in to bless the set.

James Was is very cool on detail. You may see references to other and previous movies in the Warren home. A painting of the house from The Conjuring is seen in Ed’s office. The doll from Annabelle and the music box from The Conjuring are seen amongst the collection in their den as well.

For some reason, i can’t stop questioning why on several scene on Warren’s house we can see Valak’s name?
The name of the demon “Valak” can be seen six times in the Warren’s home. First during the scene at the table after Lorraine sees the painting Ed has painted – you can see the word Valak in the colorful bangles hanging from the window and also behind Lorraine (V pops out of the word ‘love’ and the rest of the name is written in wooden letters). Then when their daughter is making her bracelets, all three bracelets have ‘Valak’ spelled out on them. The fifth and final time was when Lorraine sleeps as her daughter plays, Valak is spelled out on the bookcase with large letter ornaments.
Why and for what reason their daughter making a bracelets with the name Valak on it?

Valac (Ualac, Valak, Valax, Valu, Valic, Volac) it self was name for the mighty Great President of Hell, having thirty legions of demons under his command. Valac is said to give true answers about hidden treasures; he reveals where serpents can be seen, and delivers them harmless to the magician. He is said to appear as a small poor boy with angel wings riding on a two-headed dragon.

Why Valac on this movie look scary as hell? why in Nun costume? Why not looked like an innocent boy like i mention it before? Why????

Moving on from the scary demon, i want to tell you a little about the crooked man who played by Javier Botet.
Some of you maybe familiar with the story of the Crooked Man. 

There was a crooked man,
and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house

Or maybe you just know about this story from this movie? Or maybe a game? Because i know there is a game about the crooked man. LOL

This is the Origin of the Crooked Man Rhyme.
The rhyme was first recorded by James Orchard Halliwell in the 1840s and gained popularity in the early twentieth century. Some say the town of Lavenham is believed to have inspired this rhyme. Others maintain the poem originates from the history of King Charles I of England (1600–1649). The crooked man is reputed to be the Scottish General Sir Alexander Leslie. He signed a covenant securing religious and political freedom for Scotland. The “crooked stile” in the poem was the border between England and Scotland. “They all lived together in a little crooked house” refers to the fact that the English and Scots had at last come to an agreement, despite continuing great animosity between the two peoples, who nonetheless had to live with each other due to their common border.

There are three main Evil character in this movie; the Demon Nun (Bonnie Aarons), The Crooked Man (Javier Botet), and Bill Willkins (Bob Adrian).

But how cute Bill Wilkins for he actually wants to help Warren’s and the family?
Daily Mail, have reported that on once trance episode of Janet Hodgson, she once said about how Bill died.
Just before I died, I went blind, and then I had an ’aemorrhage and I fell asleep and I died in the chair in the corner downstairs.
and Bill’s son, Terry Wilkins, confirmed that what she was said is true.

You know what?
There is an extra person in the room reflected by the mirror right when Ed starts playing the guitar. Just if you notice. 😛

During the end of the first set of credits, you can hear the actual recording of Ed Warren talking to Janet.

In this second movie, you’ll feel the connection between Ed and Lorraine is getting deeper and that’s another reason why this movie is more scarier than it should be.
When you feel deeply in love with someone, you just can’t let anything happen to him/her. And when Lorraine see how’s Ed die, it make us guessing how and where Ed will dead. Or… is he really going to die?

But we all know that Ed Warrens died on August 23, 2006. So, he didn’t die on Enfield case. LOL

Another fact from the set of Conjuring 2,
The Couch where Bill Died is real. And Peggy Hodgson also died on that couch in the same house on 2003. But, it because of her breast cancer. Not because demon or else.

That’s all from me.
I would say that that was really great movie and it really entertained me.



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