Game Review : ∞ Infinity Loop

You’ll say that because I use Infinity on my Blog’s name, then i am eager to find anything related with infinity.
I mean, ya.. that’s right.. LOL

This addicting game just pop out on my play store.
(For those who know me, I don’t like expensive stuff. I used Android phone)
This blog post is pure because i want you have a simple game that not consuming your mobile data too much,
and still pleased to play an infinity number of stage in this game.
∞ Infinity Loop is a cool game and challenging.
It’s not like it very hard till you give up and uninstall it, but can be very relaxing.

Infinity Loop


It has two game menu, dark and light theme.
In dark game, you only need to unchained the connection between.
And on the light game, you need to connect the loop.

Simple, yet addicting.

You should try 😀


Download it on Play Store and join me.


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