My Review: Now You See Me 2 (2016)

This year is the year of sekuel / prekuel of a movie, and remake of course.
Not to mention how many movies with number after the main title. LOL

This movie, Now You See Me 2, 3 years after the first movie (The Conjuring 2 is also released 3 year after their first movie), still played by Mark Rufallo as Dylan Rhodes, Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas, Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney, Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley, and some familiar face from the first movie.
So sad that Isla Fisher who played Henley Reeves is not joining this sekuel movie because she is pregnant. Well good luck to her and her baby.
But, for Fisher’s place we have Lizzky Caplan played as Lula, a quirky, weird and also talented magician.
Isla Fisher and her replacement as girl horsemen, Lizzy Caplan, starred together in Bachelorette (2012).

Enough about the cast, let’s move on to the story..

I would say that this second movie is not really amazed me. The story is too ordinary and not really “magical” as the first movie.
This movie is still pointing to “the eye”
Well, Illuminati sh*t.
You know..

The story begin with Atlas seek for an answer for their re-appearance to the world after more than a year hiding underground. He then hear a voice on a tunnel underground that later, his unique talent will mean something for him, and he might be a leader next time.
But of course it’s just a con.
Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe) is the one who do that.. **SPOILER**
He then kidnapped The Four Horsemen just on their stage, force them to do what he wants to do, and at the end of the movie, you’ll understand why Walter Mabry do all those things.

On this movie, Rhodes desperate enough to meet Thaddeus Bradley behind the bars and ask him for help.
What makes it interesting is, when Rhodes goes to the prison to see Thaddeus Bradley, he uses a different agents ID to get in. Bradley tells Rhodes, since he was the arresting officer, he can get him out of prison for 24 hours using by completing a form that’s by his printer… which would be his own name, not the name he used to get in the prison to see Thaddeus.
Bradley really help Rhodes but, you’ll understand that somehow Bradley still working as a double agents. You might think him as a jerk, but you’ll understand the reason in the end of the movie.

Their journey to China then bring an answer to a long life question for Rhodes.
About his father, the eye, magic.
And for the horsemen, they definitely know something, the eye is “always watching”…

There was a scene where Rhodes was put into a safe and the safe was thrown into the sea. Just like his late father.
Rhodes remember what his father said about always have a backup plan for anything, and he then escape from the safe with a needle to pick the lock of the safe from the inside.
Atlas safe him when he nearly drowning at the bottom of the sea.
Then they’re making a plan to reveal Walter’s dead.
And also make a magic show for 2 things: make up for their failed re-appearance and to catch a huge fish. LOL
Of course in this movie, they’re after FBI again. What makes a difference is this time, Rhodes is not an agent anymore.

3 appearance on London for their show:

  1. Jack does a set up in front of a small crowd of people where he takes three volunteers (two jacks and a queen) to hide behind three large cards while people try to guess where the queen went.
  2. Lula does a performance involving doves
  3. Danny is gathered in front of a large crowd where it appears to be raining, leading him to act as though he is manipulating the water. (This scene is really amazed me) please take a note. 😀


Merritt didn’t make an appearance because Rhodes suddenly call them back.
Then the ‘real’ show began.

After the biggest show happening, FBI is close enough to catch all of them.
Natalie confronts Dylan for his deceit, though he claims he’s still the same guy she looked up to when she started working for the FBI. He hands her the stick with all the incriminating evidence, and he vanishes.

Not long after, Dylan and The Horsemen are taken to a building belonging to The Eye. Dylan enters a room and finds pictures of his father, including one of him with Thaddeus. Thaddeus emerges (he escaped custody) and explains that he and Lionel were partners whose act was pretending to be rivals. He has always felt remorse over what happened to Lionel, but he is proud of the magician Dylan grew up to be. Dylan appears to forgive Thaddeus, and he asks what happens now. Thaddeus says he should find a successor, just as Danny and the other three walk in. Thaddeus walks out, but not before telling the five to pay no mind to the curtain in the room. They end up walking to the curtain and find a door behind it. This leads them toward a spiral staircase. They walk down to see whatever happens to be at the bottom, and the film suddenly ends.

The illuminati, the eye, or what ever you called it is still the main star on this movie.
They want to make you believe that the eye is good.
But it’s all up to you.

I still prefer the first movie..
For the magic show, the story and everything.

What about you?

(see my previos review on Now You See Me)


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