Me and My Depression (10 Signs of Depression)

Look, I almost asleep like a second ago, but now i’m wide awake. Because of the sound of my fvckin mp3 that all of sudden turn to the highest volume. Idk what’s happening. But arrghh it so depressed!
And I was thinking about it. Depression.. I do some research and found something.

Every 30 seconds, someone somewhere commits suicide due to depression.
Don’t ignore these 10 signs..

  1. Loss of Interest
    Those who are truly depressed lose interest in almost everything, and just getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle. If you find that your favorite time of day is bedtime, because you can go to sleep and escape your sadness, it’s a pretty sure sign of genuine depression.
  2. Hopelessness
    Those that are seriously depressed are often unable to imagine that anything good will happen in the future. The belief that nothing good will ever happen only worsens the feelings of depression.
  3. Crying a lot
    Someone who cries a lot could be suffering from depression, especially they are suffering from other common symptoms.
  4. Anxiety
    Feelings of anxiety often go hand-in-hand with depression. Prolonged periods of anxiety can often lead to depression, making anxiety a kind of “gateway condition” to depression.
  5. Sleep Problems
    Abnormal sleeping patterns can also be an indication of depression. The inability to sleep well or sleeping too much both could be signs of depression.
  6. Focus and Concentration
    Depression very often makes it extremely difficult for someone to focus on a particular task. It may also become hard to concentrate on simple, everyday tasks like reading or using a computer.
  7. Weight Changes
    People often react differently to depression. Some may try to soothe their feelings by overeating, while others may find that their appetite is diminished.
  8. Irritability
    Sometimes depression causes people to lash out in response to circumstances that would not normally disturb them. Since depression is so often associated with low self-esteem and a tendency to be over-critical of oneself, those feelings can spill over and be projected onto others as well.
  9. Sex Drive
    When we said that people with serious depression often lose interest in almost everything, we do mean everything. That includes sex. Depression can be all-encompassing, and can override just about every other desire or emotion, including the desire to be intimate.
  10. Suicidal Thoughts
    For those suffering from severe depression, it can feel to them like it will never end. It feels like a trap that they are unable to escape. Sadly, some decide to opt for the ultimate escape by ending their own lives. Thoughts of suicide should never be ignored, and is a sure sign that a person needs to seek help immediately.

But of course, it’s not only for whom are depressed to seek for help, but also people around a person who are depressed must care to each other.
You never know if someone is depressed or not if you never talk to them.
Show them you care.
At least, making a good conversation for about 5 minutes can help someone with depression know there still someone who are care about them.

Just like bipolar things, people who are feeling an early stage of depression must know them self better than before.

Changing your habbit a little won’t kill you.
It might help. For both you and other people around you.

Fight Depression, Save a Life.

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PS: I was writing this blog post on 1.55 AM this morning. I feel asleep on 2.05 AM after writing almost everything i felt that moment. Now, i was editing this blog post in my office, and realize that I was writing much rubbish. I’m deleting most of them and left what i found about depression only.
Already post link to the source, so you know i didn’t make up anything. LOL


PSS: The perks of being a person with bipolar. Sometimes you feel too depressed about life. The other time you’re happy as fvck. LOL


PSSS: Don’t mind me. I’m probably crazy.


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