Morning Madness Part 2

It’s not just i had mental illness. Maybe I also had a problem with my life. I don’t know if I’m still sane, or if I already living another life. You know, a life without no one understand the reason. A life without no one else saying that you’re sane enough to join the society.

I am crazy and that’s the truth.

Having a job, living in a proper house, a car, mobile phone and laptop (for working only), a boring love life. That’s sounds just right. But it’s wrong at the same time.
I was bored to dead for all the thing i’ve had.
I still feel empty.
I am happy and feel mad at the same time.
I want to cry and laugh at the same time.
I feel anxiety thinking that I might choose the wrong life style and why can’t be like anyone else.

If this is the life that  I supposed to live with, then why I feel it so wrong…?

My chest is heavy.
Didn’t I supposed to feel happy, even just a little bit?

When I feel happiness around me, it hurts me inside.
But people around me, they didn’t feel the same.
And i don’t know why?
Why it’s always me?


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