A Long Time Ago vs Now

This actual conversation is happening between a lady and two officers from my team, today.
In my office, they normally doing a medical check up before giving us assignment.
Normal check up like blood pressure, etc..

I am not having a new assignment but I was around.
I’ve heard this lady (on the room next to mine) laughing, giggling and having a conversation with those two man.
Meanwhile I am standing next to the wall, wondering what the he** they’re talking about. Why is she is laughing so fvckin hard, but those two men is sounds panic.
I’m curious because i thought i know her voice, but didn’t hear it for a while.

So, i was knocked and open the door to the room.
She is sitting there, smiling, to me.
And that’s awkward because i think she knows that I’m coming.

And btw, she is laughing because a needle was pushed through her skin a little too deep. And the blood is now splattered on the desk.
But, she is laughing. I see it with my own eyes.
She is laughing like if hell is about to closed for eternity.
Those two man are still panic, rushed to hold her hand and patch her up.

And finally, the blood has stopped.

She is stop laughing.

The first thing she said was, “How are you K…?”

 And me, in the middle of panic-situation can’t say a thing. Only grin. And I stepped back. Get out from that room. Close that fvckin door and back to reality. Wow. Didn’t expect to see her after a very long time. I can’t even say hi. Or anything else. 

**will soon write the update**


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