Right Now?

Monday morning (wish i can write “sunday morning” instead monday).
I am sitting on my working station with nothing to do. Almost jobless. :p
But guess what.. I can continue this post.

So, after the last time i wrote, “And me, in the middle of panic-situation can’t say a thing. Only grin. And I stepped back. Get out from that room. Close that fvckin door and back to reality. Wow. Didn’t expect to see her after a very long time. I can’t even say hi. Or anything else. ”
I was thinking, it almost 3 years ago since the last time she is around.
And she was never called back to the office, if the situation is safe.
So what the fvck really happen right now?

I didn’t see her today, and that’s fine.

I am fine.

I can’t even think of my reaction if she is here, what should i do? what should i say..?

3 years ago, last time i saw her, she is on her way to airport. My assumption she was sent away to another world (read: country).
She almost never make a mistake, so it must not a punishment.

For a ghost like her, she is quite a charm.
Everyone likes her.
Even Christ.

Meanwhile another situation is happening in Christ’s life.
He’ll be married soon, to a girl named Bella. He will moved away from our “kontrakan” and.. I’m gonna miss him.
Bromance will never die, right? LOL

I do this so many times.
Forgive me.

About her.
She is lovable, but deadly like a lethal weapon (you choose what kind of weapon).
I would like to say that to her, but I can’t.
Because if I had a chance, one thing I would say to her is, “I’m sorry, life choose to seperate us like this.”

Never mind.


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