Go Japan, Go

My third day on Japan. Everything’s good and nothing major happen. 

Fun fact from my Japan trip is I always use train as my transportation. It’s cool though. Never had a chance to use train in Indonesia but it’s cool. 

I had a chance to do “silly-looking” photo shoot at the train. And it’s pretty cool. Can I do this in Indonesian train?


About Japan, I just can get enough food. I’m not a big fans of Japanese food but ya.. I can make an exception for this one time. LOL 

Everywhere you see, street food, restaurants, etc. Just wow.

You can find any kind of food you can imagine. You only need to search. Me, I’m not too picky so I’m good with other’s choice. 

This.. I go to some kind of theater. LOL. Look at their face. How deep is the foundation again?? 😀 

I never post many pictures before. But for you to enjoy this is the last pic when I go to some park. LOL 

Never tried this. But I think I’ll go if I had another chance. Superb.


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