My Review : Lights Out (2016)

Ok.. so i’ve watched Lights Out last night (I started to write this on August 29, 2016).

The ghost on this movie is a very close representation of my childhood ghost.
A creepy image that comes in the dark (I think it’s a manifestation of depression). LOL

For those who haven’t watch Lights Out Short Horror Movie, you can watch it here.

And at the beginning of that movie, you’ll notice that Lotta Losten, star of the original short, returns for a role and gives her feature film debut.
It’s cool though.
Those mannequin on the first scene of the movie is creepy as hell.
I can’t imagine if i should work on a place like that.

Do you noticing during the opening sequence of the movie, a bobble head with a large smile across its face, similar to the original monster design, can be seen on the office bookshelf as a nod to the original 3-minute short…?

What I loved about this movie is the fact that Diana is attached to Rebecca and Martin’s mother, Sophie who has mental issue.
And in the end Sophie killed her self, sacrificing herself to save her children.
That’s the point of this beautiful movie.

Somehow I don’t care about the ghost. Mother’s love is more important.
Director David F. Sandberg revealed that in original test screenings, Diana returned after the Sophie’s death to attack Rebecca, Bret, and Martin in a scene that occurred after the ambulance scene. After negative reaction, the scene was removed. I am glad it was removed.
I miss watching a happy ending-horror movie. LOL

Teresa Palmer (Rebecca) hadn’t seen the design of Diana, until she filmed her first scene with her on a completely dark set. Alicia Vela Bailey, the women in the costume, was previously Palmer’s stunt double on I Am Number Four (2011). You know she must be freakin out when she see it for the first time. You can’t see the Diana’s face after all. Until almost end of the movie when Rebecca find blacklight.

Fun fact about this movie is the house in this movie is the same one used in Ouija (2014) and Ouija: Origin of Evil(2016). Also, another creepy facts about this movie is the basement of the house in which most of the filming took place mysteriously caught fire a few months after production wrapped. The mannequins in the basement were not brought in for the movie. They were already placed there by the owner of the house.

From all casts in this movie, Gabriel Bateman is my favorite.
He played character Martin the best and very well-suited. His colaboration with Teresa Palmer is so smooth and in fact, i almost believe they were actual sibling.

From 1 to 10, i gave this movie 8,3

Intinya, lo harus nonton film ini..
That’s all.


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