I’m Back

I was losed my temper. I don’t know what happen.
I might caught on fight with that man, and so I woke up on hospital a couple days ago.
Can’t find my mobile phone so I had a trouble to open my blog account (because it has double security password).
*I can open my blog now because somehow i remember to take a note of my backup verification codes*


But now I’m fine. I’m good.
I’m sorry if i did make some one worried.
I think i won’t use mobile phone for some time and will use laptop instead.
So, if you want to reach me, you can email me (brokeninfinity8@gmail.com)
Email me anytime. I will reply every email ASAP.

Christ was with me when i woke up a couple days ago. He said, some of my co-workers were there an hour before i woke up.
I am unconscious for almost 2 weeks. Because i got hit on my back very hard, it still leave bruises. LOL

So ya.. I don’t want to make a reason and blame my mood swing for that fight though.
I forgot what happened anyway.
And not just a bruise, now I had a fresh cut on my back. LOL
Small cut, only need 5 stitches.
I really bad at close combat.
I am useless.
(Why did I write about my weakness anyway? LOL)

Ah so ya.. you can email me if you want.
I’ll be home tomorrow or the day after.
Honestly I really enjoy to be here somehow. 😛



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