Dear You

I’m not sick, dear..

I am fine.
I just very stupid facing my life.
I’m being ignorant.

But, still… i’m okay.

I let my anger taking over.

And yes, i really am feeling stupid after.
Knowing that i can’t recall those memories. On which part I was being someone else.
And I lose control over myself.

No. I don’t feel depressed.
Feeling stupid is not depression. Or so whatever i said about it. No one seems to believe.
And i think i’m good. i can accept it.
I’m feeling better each day.
Feel that if life is even better without a person like me.
No. I’m not think about suicie.

I’m fine.

PS: I received notification about DM, but i can’t open my account. I can’t reply not because i didn’t want to.


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