I’m back to my home town. Idk for how long i can stay. But I’m glad I can be here.

Thinking I’m fine leaving my previous job is way better than i ever imagined.
(I’m not jobless though)

For me, as a person with bipolar, staying with one job, not only as hard as you thinking, but my condition is making me unstable for whatever job i decided to take.
Like for now, I’m moving to another department and i before working full time, ask for a week full day off.
So here I am.
Wandering around to no where, in the middle of no-where.

Oh.. before i continue to another thing, I wanna say I’m very sorry because Christ’s fiance is canceling their marriage.
She is only after the money. LOL. Woman is heartless sometimes.
(Yes.. you too my lady! i know you’ll read this post. But it’s fine. We’re still friends.)
(no.. it’s not for you… i know you too will read my post on your free time. Still can’t reach you. But send me an email if you really need someone to talk too)

They think money is everything a man should gave them.
I don’t think so.
Win man’s heart, you win the whole world.

Ok, back to me.
(I’m the main star of this blog anyway..)
I really think about living my life, moving from one country to another.
Finding where I should be.
Right now, i really don’t think my love is in Indonesia.
It’s not where my heart’s belong.

It still longing another place for die.

No.. I’m just kidding.



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