Good morning, Bali..

Monday morning (almost noon) and I’m still on my bed..

Oh.. i want to tell you a story.
I meet this girl named Sascha. She is Russian. (I really loved Russian accent, it’s addicting LOL)
She stayed in Bali from August 2016.
After she mentioned she was russian, I said, I’m Indonesian.
When i said that, she didn’t believe me. I asked her why? She said, “A hunch.” (well, that’s true 😛 )
She said I’m way too different from most Indonesian man she ever dated. LOL
I guess I’m not her type.

We had this light conversation about religion, nationality.
Religion is not a big deal for me. As I’m an atheist. But what she told me about nationality, captured my attention.
She really makes me think about that. Somehow I understand why do i agree with her.
She said we can choose our nationality simply by having a birth certificate or passport. It’s just a paper. But you can’t deny (or doing what so ever) about your blood.
Like if i said, i was not born in Indonesia. I move from one country to another for a couple years before, right now, i was stayed in Indonesia.
More than that, i never mentioned anything about my parents nationality right?
My Father is Indonesian-Canadian and my mother was from Japan.
My first name is not Sony (it’s just for a local paper work in Jakarta). But it’s true that my last name was belong to my father.
Coincidence? No.

I was left here by my father because I still have grandparents who lived here in Indonesia. And when i said i was on vacation to Japan, no.. I was visiting my mom’s.
I still looking for where my heart really belong. Still thinking to move to another country.
Fvck my life. I hate it.

I never wish to born with 50/50 nationality.
It’s easier to said, “yeah.. i was born in Russia, bla.. bla.. bla..” and feel fine with every stereotype that mentioned by other people. And simply deny it if it’s not you.

Life can be very sucks when even your own country still ask for your “loyality” eventhough you already lived here for more than 10 years. :/
I already live in Indonesia when Megawati was served as a president. It’s around 2001 ya? so 15 years already. 😀

Once I’ve heard from someone, “If there is a person who are useful for society, never ask his/her religion, nationality, etc..”
but I forget who said that? :p



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