Tirta Empul – Bali, Indonesia

Ok… Guess where am I..? 😀 I really am gonna spend my day walking around in this beautiful places. No where to go. Nothing. I just want to live my life for today.
tirta-empulWhat I loved about Bali is there are a lot of quite places. For me, trying to find the inner-peace is hard if I stay in such a place like Jakarta. LOL
And I kinda like it here.

I’m gonna meet some of my old friends today.
We’re going to see our school (before I’m feeling useless and runaway, drop out from school, and move with “someone”).
I hope to see my teachers, or some faces i still can remember.
But first.. Let me enjoy this view for a moment before i’m back to reality.


About this place, on this pic, is Tirta Empul. It means Holy Spring in Balinese. It’s located near the town of Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia.
If you come to this place, you can see Balinese Hindus doing a ritual purification.


(Note: sorry for bad resolution, it’s hard to upload big files in here..)

Ok.. lanjut jalan-jalan dulu ya.. 😀
If you want more information about Tirta Empul Temple, you can search for “Tirta Empul” on Google. There’s also a wikipedia page for this place.

Or.. if you had money and time (those two are equaly important btw), you can visit Bali-Indonesia. 🙂


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