My Review : Ouija – Origin Of Evil (2016)

2 years after the first movie, Ouija (2014), on Halloween (again), Ouija : Origin of Evil is on theaters now.
This movie is cool. Although there is not much “jump scares” in the movie, but it still left an eerie atmosphere even after you leave the cinema.




But still, i notice something odd about this movie’s background.
I do some research after watch this movie last night because i think i remember something.
If I’m not mistaken, in the first film, when Laine and Pete research Debbie’s house online, the articles they find about the Zander family are dated 1952. And this “prequel” takes place in 1967, the different is fifteen years!

This “prequel” takes place in Debbie’s house used in the first film, only 50 years earlier. Lin Shaye’s character from the first film, Paulina Zander, is played by Annalise Basso in this film as a teenager, and the stitch-mouthed ghost “Doris” from the original is portrayed as a living girl by Lulu Wilson while her mother is now played by Elizabeth Reaser. All of the actors portraying these ghosts previously (Sierra Huermann, Sunny May Allison, and Claudia Katz) were recast except for Lin Shaye.

Back to the movie.
I’m pretty sure we’re not suppose to play with people’s feeling. Especially those that are of a broken heart.
Or anything about the death people.
But then this ouija board come to the ‘set’ and something happen.
From my prespective, I believe that Doris is not possessed.
And yes, contrary to expectations, Doris isn’t necessarily possessed in the film, at least not in the traditional sense. After she complains of a sharp pain in her neck, the spirits bend her backwards and enter her body, using it as a conduit. She was killed after that scene as they broke her back. Throughout the rest of the film it is just her possessed corpse housing the spirits.
Creepy right? LOL

The death of Mikey is portrayed on Ouija (2014), when Debbie is dead. Hanging herself with the string of display lamps for her bed room. Remember?
It’s creepy enough to watch someone hanging himself/herself and watch them died slowly by their eyes.
Doris once said to Mikey about his death when she said to him, “Do you know what it feels like to be strangled to death?”
She describe every little thing in detail! Cool.

Mike Flanagan is really put an effort to this movie!!
You know that movies today is shot digitally, and so this movie. But director and editor Mike Flanagan, in order to add a retro feel to the film, added some nice touches in post-production to give the appearance of a movie shot on film. For example, every 20 minutes or so the “black dot” appears in the upper right corner of the frame, which used to signal a change of reels for film projected, and the first shots immediately following those pretend reel changes are jittery and inconsequential, as if allowing the story to “settle in” to the next reel. The frame composition that Flanagan uses, harkens back to the deep-focus filmmakers of old incorporated into their films.
It makes you feel like you really watch an old movie.

Annalise Basso and Kate Siegel reunite with Mike Flanagan, whom they worked with when they appeared in Oculus (2014), with Siegel also appearing in Hush (2016). And so you can see an easter egg, the mirror from Oculus can be seen in the basement corner.

This really bothered me when I tried to recall are there someone who really said “good bye” after they play with ouija boards in this movie?
Because there are 3 simple rules before play ouija board:
The three rules are:
– Never play alone
– Never play in a graveyard
– Always say Goodbye
But no one seems said “GOOD BYE”…

The first movie, Ouija (2014) had 4,4 stars rating from IMDB but this “prequel” movie had 6,7 stars rating from IMDB.

So this is an improvement. LOL


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