My Review : Before I Wake (2016)

I just watch “Before I Wake” (originally titled Somnia) and i feel terribly sad.
This movie is really a family movie and less i feel this as a horror movie.
Just like The Babadook (if you remember this movie 😛 ) and Lights Out.

Mike Flanagan had repeatedly objected to the film marketed as a “horror movie” and instead referred to it as a “fable” or a “supernatural drama”. And I agree with that statement. Because this movie is beautiful rather than scary or horrific.
This movie is magical.

Cody’s (Jacob Tremblay) acting is really sincere and it feels beautiful.

I just realize that none of the butterflies that appear early in the film have antennae after a friend of mine (yes i’m watching this movie with someone. A friend) tell me to pay attention to the detail. And sure it’s quite unique after near the end of the movie, Jessie (the mother) found the purple butterfly from Cody’s mother box. It has no antennae.
But then after a classmate draws antennae on Cody’s picture of a butterfly, however, all of the butterflies and moths in the film have antennae.
It’s a very small detail that shows how Cody’s dreams are not only childlike, but easily influenced by others.

This movie truly tells the fragile story of Jessie (Kate Bosworth) and Mark (Thomas Jane), two healing parents who take in Cody (Jacob Tremblay), a child who has severe sleep issues due to the trauma he went through with his previous family. Jessie and Mark have also themselves lost a child, putting them in a similarly damaged place. It’s kind of this bizarre, touching shared survivors story. It’s a little surprising to see the conversation that the film opens up in the areas of trauma, being a victim, and PTSD in a very real, effective way.
It’s these small touches of empathy that push Flanagan’s film-making to a higher level. It’s a great way to make the audience feel helpless, which can be a crucial asset in horror.
This movie does a great job at making you root for Cody right from the very beginning. It’s genuinely touching when Cody experiences moments of being comfortable and expresses joy in his new surroundings. You really want to see him to be okay, while hoping that his new parents won’t have to undergo another loss, too.
At some part of this movie, it makes us (the audience) think it is uncertain whether the film’s events are happening for real or it’s all inside the characters’ head.
Like when the first time Jessie and Mark’s only son (Sean) who passed away re-appear at the second night Cody was on their home.
It’s not scary at all. But…

Well, the idea of cranked man eat Cody’s mother is also childlike.
Cody’s memory of his sick mother is really sad and somehow develop the cranked man.
The combination about the fact that Cody’s mother is died because of cancer and he was alone in this world make him fragile.
With his gift, he make the cranked man is real.
The last whisper from her mother, that she will never leave him is turned to be something scary for him.
It’s true that children’s imagination is pure and you know, it’s disappear as time passed by.
We can’t remember the whole story of our young-self completely.

I’m relieved that this movie is happy ending. LOL
It’s a must-watch movie.
This one of three movies directed by Mike Flanagan to be released in 2016, the others being Hush and Ouija: Origin Of Evil.
I already watch Ouija, and this. Can’t wait for Hush.






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