Random Scrabble

I basically have two moods, either “let’s do something spontaneous and awesome” or “let’s just lay in bed all day and forget the world exist.”

That should describe my moody mind pretty clear.
It’s that hard to be a person with bipolar.
And that’s me..

A person with bipolar is something that has benefit and also had disadvantage.

The benefits are you’ll never get bored with your life (unless when you’re on depressive phase).

I forget when is the last time i feel depressed, but also i don’t want to remember it either.
I wish i could stay like this.

Here where i stay right now, they’re more “open minded” about mental disorder.
There are so many people who suffer from various mental disorder, most likely depression.
People in here tends to do suicide when they suffering in depression.
I feel more aware of it in here.
But i feel safer. LOL

I’m going back to Indonesia today (and i write it as i’m waiting on airport).
Because i still need to pick up my documents, etc.
Thinking of leaving Indonesia as soon as possible is really feels good.
I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.

This morning, i read on news, that there is an earthquake in Aceh. 6,4 RS
(92 km E of Banda Aceh – Indonesia ; local time 05:03:32.8 2016-12-07)
I’m feeling bad for them, they need to feel that kind of eerie feeling again.
If that’s me, I’ll be very frightened even of a little earthquake.
Well, that’s me.
I can only hope that they’ll be just fine.

Another issue that i hear just now, is Indonesian people right now is more sensitive than a pregnancy test.
issue about religion and politics messed up together and start up a chaotic situation.

I’m an Agnostic. And I never think that i am better than another person for not having a religion.
But never do i think religious people is better than me.

(what am i trying to say here is that if you think your God is ever teaching you to hate someone else, then you really need another religion).
Because there is never a religion ever teach you to hate other people, who disagree with your way, or killing them in the name of God unless they do it first.
Don’t start it so it won’t happen. Right?

Oh and this is your daily dose of bipolar information.
Read more about Bipolar Disorder here


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