Rainy Days Affected a Person with Bipolar

I really don’t know what to write lately.
I’m having a writer’s block and i don’t know what to do.
My friends asked me to watch some new movie.. but i prefer an old one. 

Sunday morning and already (still) raining outside. It last from yesterday night like a shower that turned on and off. All day, all night. I hate the sound of storm. If it’s just a drizzle it’ll be okay. I don’t hate it sometimes. But at this moment, I kinda hate it. 

I like it though I hate it. Great right?

I watch “the autopsy of Jane Doe” last night. It’s out on 2016. So ya.. it’s so last year. But I watch it anyway. I don’t have a date for satnight. I watch it alone last night. Avoiding email and phone call that buzzing all night long. I’ll write the late review tomorrow. If I already in the mood to do so. 

Birds are chirping outside, playing under the rain. Busy telling me that they’re happy. Not like me. Should I play in the rain? Already hate to just imagine it. Cause I already missing her by thinking about rain. 

Ah… I am right. Now the rain is stopping again. Just wait for a couple minutes and it will pouring again. 

I don’t want to go anywhere today. So I’d better be pulling my blanket again and sleep. Bye..



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