a Long Way to Go

Denpasar, December 14th 2016

In the middle of morning snack, and I’m having a “little” debate with a friend who is really into Islam.
I think you’ll be guessing I’m talking about Basuki Tjahaja Purnama Or Ahok’s trial for cases of blasphemy.
because i can tell you, you are right.

I don’t know what to say.. But can’t you see that this case is pure political. Because it’s happening before the governor of Jakarta’s election.


I’m agnostic, and i’m okay having Moslem’s people as my president, my doctor, my teacher, and everything.
Never had a problem.
But Indonesian people having a Christian’s people as a leader make them worry. And why is that should be a problem?
We’re not in the Moslem’s country like Arab or else.
And according to the results of the 2010 census, from 237,641,326 people in Indonesia, there are 87.18% Muslims, 6.96% Protestant, 2.9% Catholic, 1.69% Hindus, Buddhists 0.72%, 0.05% Kong Hu Cu, 0.13% other religions, and 0.38% missed or were not asked.
Indonesia only country with a majority population adheres to Islam. So what? it does not make Indonesia an Islamic state anyway.
Not at all.

On the trial, Ahok said he will send moslem’s people umrah and build mosques.
My friend said it was haram (haram means forbidden or proscribed by Islamic law) to use the mosque with every reason he claimed he knew about.
I said, “you work with and are paid by the infidels (kafir), you going to mall that was build with infidel’s money, play with gadget that was made by infidels. So what’s your problem anyway?”

He said, “that’s why I pay zakat and charity to clean the money we have.”

Then in Islam, there should be a way to clean the “Haram” from the mosques that Ahok might build for moslems.
Because there’re nothing different right?
Why should it be something this big anyway?
Almost 2 weeks on my draft.. 😀
Today i’ll continue.


Jakarta, December 27th 2016

After having a christmas party on Sunday, I’m heading back to my home only to find Christ and Anu having a debate over a religion’s matter.
Well, like i said, i don’t really care about what’s your religion, as long as you can accept me the way i am. LOL

Living with Christ and Anu is another proof that i can live with diversity.
Christ is obviously Christian and Anu is Islam.
And so what? we live together for more than 3-5 years.

We take care of each other even sometimes they act like sh*t to me. But i love them. I love them because i never had a real family for me.


Jakarta, January 10th 2017

Happy new year!

I lost my pass to this blog for a year..! (December 2016 to January 2017). I know it was stupid, but yesterday, as i went home (i was away and just back yesterday), i found some scratches paper that has my security code on it on the top of my desk. So, today i open my blog (cause i miss it like hell). i miss to get rid of my stupid mind.

For me, “New year, New Me” is a bullshit.
More like “I’m gonna continue my 2013 new year’s resolution, that i made in early 2012, which i planned to do since 2011, and i started since 2010….” and it goes on and on. 😀

Right now, I decided to update my draft instead of writing a new post, because i just want you all to know, it’s hard to be a writer with bipolar disorder. i can’t focus on one theme on one post, sometimes i just delete what i want to post, sometimes i let it stay on my draft like for ever.

I missed my Christmas, new year, and i don’t know what’s next.

I’ll post this one right away, and will write a new post for next update.




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